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Flumi helps individuals and organisations catalyse collaboration and creativity processes, unlock opportunities and access funding to foster systemic transformations.

Foto: Ludovica Michelin

At Flumi, we draw inspiration from the dynamic flow of rivers in our approach to coordinating and designing cultural projects. Our mission is to smoothly guide individuals, organizations, and communities toward discovering opportunities, accessing funding, and sparking transformative systemic change.

Our services encompass strategic consulting, project coordination, comprehensive training, and access to international funding opportunities.

We are passionately committed to implementing lasting and sustainable change, with a strong focus on addressing pressing global priorities such as climate action, gender equality, and inclusion.

Here at Flumi, we firmly believe in the alchemical power of collaboration to drive change, foster growth, and inspire creativity.

Why Flumi

Like rivers, Flumi flows from the understanding that creating a clearly defined course of action is essential in order to reach a destination. With this in mind, we empower the metamorphosis of organizations’ ideas into collaborative projects guided by a constant flow of creativity and curiosity. 

Flumi accelerates innovative thinking and encourages unconventional responses.
We attentively listen to the needs of individuals, offering solutions by proposing tailor-made services and projects.

Our interpersonal skills, combined with years of navigating within the European creative and non-profit sector, as well as a friendly and approachable demeanor, enable us to engage effectively with stakeholders at all levels and establish a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

By fostering a collaborative approach for every project, we transform each service we deliver into a valuable learning journey for the organization.

“Facilitating the thriving of the Creative and Cultural Sector”

What will be the benefit of our collaboration?

Free introductory session to lay a strong groundwork.

Flourishing of ideas and solutions through their methodology, fostering creativity and cooperation.

Thriving organisation through Flumi’s creative-business partnerships.

Access to diverse funding opportunities to accelerate projects.

Ensuring sustainability, encompassing economic, green practices, gender equality, and inclusion.

Cohesive and motivated teams with tailored trainings from Flumi.

Services and budget are tailored to your project’s specific requirements.



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