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Flumi is a platform that facilitates systemic transformations for organisations and individuals, catalysing collaboration, creativity, and curiosity.

embrace curiosity – creativity – equality – collaboration | embrace curiosity – creativity – equality – collaboration |

Credit : Maria Boto


At Flumi, we draw inspiration from the dynamic flow of rivers in our approach to coordinating and designing cultural projects. Our mission is to smoothly guide individuals, organizations, and communities toward discovering opportunities, accessing funding, and sparking transformative systemic change.

Why Flumi?

Like rivers, Flumi flows from the understanding that creating a clearly defined course of action is essential in order to reach a destination. With this in mind, we empower the metamorphosis of organizations’ ideas into collaborative projects guided by a constant flow of creativity and curiosity.

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Catalysts is a network of people whose experience, enthusiasm, and energy foster and facilitate change and progress promoting new processes and speeding up transformations.