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Alchemic Services

Flumi tailors services and budget to fit your project scope and specific requirements.

Our journey together starts with a free introductory session, where we lay a strong groundwork by building familiarity and understanding.

As catalyser, Flumi supports you and your organisation to optimise resource allocation and enables you to acquire valuable knowledge while you integrate processes within your organisation. By working together, we unlock opportunities for resource savings while ensuring a dynamic learning environment.

Every service is designed with three distinct components:

  • Key reactants
  • Acceleration enhancers
  • Amplifiers

The Key reactants represent the essential components of the service, ensuring its viability.

Acceleration enhancers are elements designed to bolster and improve the program, training, or service, enhancing its overall result

Amplifiers are extra components of the service.

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We provide strategic consultancy to institutions, helping them create financially sustainable and well-structured annual programs and services that effectively meet the needs of their employees and target audiences.

Our areas of expertise include artistic residencies, service design, project and organisational governance, international funding, and sustainability.

  • Developing vision and mission through the Theory of Change
  • Audience engagement and development
  • Analysis of technical and financial capacity
  • Collaborative development of a Strategic plan identifying KPIs
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Policy analysis
  • Funding strategy
  • Operational efficiency and governance
  • Evaluating gender equality, inclusion, green sustainability


Project Coordination

We coordinate your project to make sure that everything runs smooth in order for you to fully take care of the curatorial aspect:

  • Definition of project milestones
  • Definition of project roles and responsibilities
  • Coordination of involved institutions throughout the project
  • Dissemination Strategy, stakeholder relationships
  • Events and artistic residencies production
  • Financial follow up and annual performance report


Project design for EU and international funding

Flumi’s mentoring service focuses on guiding organisations in the design of well-structured project proposals that effectively engage multiple stakeholders and attract international funding.

A project achieves impact when built on robust pillars. Through collaborative workshops, we align project objectives with the organisation’s mission and funding bodies’ priorities.

  • Moderating workshops to collectively design the project
  • Creating a visual project plan and coordination timeline
  • Preparing the project budget
  • Grant Writing
  • Proposing strategic project partners
  • Trainings in project design skills acquisition
  • Gender, diversity, and sustainability strategy
  • Management and control of documentation
  • Project benchmarking
  • Easy project submission on the funding portal
  • Communication with funding agencies
  • Help desk during project implementation


Flumi acceleration lab

Flumi’s trainings propel your organisation. Accelerate skill acquisition in strategic development, EU funding, project coordination, gender mainstreaming, and governance through dynamic, interactive methodologies that ignite creativity and foster seamless collaboration. Unleash the true force of your team with Flumi’s transformative processes.

  • Trainings
  • Project design skills
  • EU funding
  • Gender and diversity mainstreaming
  • Sustainability mainstreaming
  • Workshop
  • Theory of change
  • Team building
  • Strategic thinking
  • Acceleration lab mailing list