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Tasks: Strategic development, institutional relations

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MUTEK is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion, exhibition, training and internationalisation of digital creativity around sound, music and visual art, whose main activity is the annual presentation of its homonymous festival, which has its continuity in different multidisciplinary cycles and projects that are developed throughout the year.

Presented in a multidisciplinary format, MUTEK is more than just a festival: it is a platform for exploration, innovation and discovery. The activities are articulated in the form of live concerts, audiovisual performances, multi-sensory installations, immersive experiences, interactive projects, and an extensive training program with seminars, workshops, conferences, artistic presentations, round tables and live interviews.

As strategic director Ludovica’s role encompasses nurturing institutional relationships with public entities and fostering collaborative partnerships. Ludovica is dedicated to aligning the festival’s goals with governmental agendas, ensuring a harmonious and beneficial partnership and her responsibilities also include crafting and implementing the funding strategy for MUTEK ES.