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CONVERSAS: Who’s Missing In This Space?

Tasks: Program Curators

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“CONVERSAS: Who’s Missing In This Space?” is a series of conversations initiated by
Montréal-based label-inspired workroom FEZIHAUS and by its founder, Samito.

Generously supported by the Canada Council for the Arts’ Strategic Innovation Fund, this dynamic project delves deep into critical issues surrounding resource imbalances within the arts sector due to colonial mindsets.

This initiative aims to contribute valuable insights and discussions to address challenges arising from historical imbalances in the distribution of resources within the arts. Aligned with ongoing efforts to decolonize the Canadian arts sector, CONVERSAS: Who’s Missing In This Space? aspires to discuss the intricate challenges faced by artists of color within a complex ecosystem.

This series of conversations aims to contribute essential foundational perspectives for constructing a vision that underpins the development of decolonized frameworks for the Canadian Arts sector.

The project is developed in partnership with Belinda Kwan, Curator and Interaccess Toronto Program Manager, and Ludovica Michelin, Art Manager, Connector and Flumi Founder.

We are thrilled to lead a diverse cohort through engaging interviews, panels and focus groups.

FEZIHAUS, founded in 2020 as a ‘label-inspired workroom’ and civic initiative, has successfully executed impactful projects, including ASSEMBLAGE and SPRLUA, collaborating with 57 creatives, with over half being people of color.
FEZIHAUS commitment to freedom of exploration, ownership fairness, and well-being remains steadfast amid global turmoil and resource imbalances.